• in-car camera system
  • in-car camera system
  • in-car camera system


Part No: ICPZOOMAHD (HD Windshield Camera)

Part No: SV-CFRC-HD (HD Backseat Camera)

Resolution: 1080p (HD Windshield Camera)

Resolution: 720p (HD Backseat Camera)


The HD windshield camera records a complete forward-facing view at 1080p resolution, with multiple zoom options so that every traffic stop is documented. Footage from this angle is crucial in a courtroom when proving constitutionally correct searches of a suspect or a DUI driver's performance during field sobriety exercises.

The system's HD backseat camera mounted on top of the security partition, captures all activity in the back of the vehicle when suspects are being transported in 720p resolution. Any destructive forces from suspects detained in the back seat will be recorded in great detail, in both day and night time operations.


  • 1080p (HD Windshield Camera)
  • Multiple Zoom Options (HD Windshield Camera)
  • Undercover Operation (HD Windshield Camera)
  • 720p (HD Backseat Camera)
  • 75° FOV (HD Backseat Camera)
  • Built-in Infrared Illuminators (HD Backseat Camera)
  • Built-in Microphone (HD Backseat Camera)

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