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Your Mobile Surveillance Solution Company

With more than 25 years of experience, Safety Vision, LLC is one of the most recognized partners for advanced mobile video surveillance products. We pride ourselves on comprehensive solutions, future-proofing our products, and serving the needs of our clients. In turn, we have proven results in simplifying surveillance systems and strengthening transportation safety.


Our solutions are geared towards maximizing operational efficiency, increasing driver awareness, unifying surveillance systems, protecting assets/cargo, and most importantly – enhancing safety for drivers and riders. These core values stem from our commitment to problem solve the challenges that come with transportation. We consistently communicate with our clients to learn what their hardships are and develop or enhance our products based on those insights. It is our goal to eliminate or decrease the number of issues our customers face.

“Safety Vision started when the mobile video camera business was in its infancy. We’ve matured with the industry and today offer the most technologically advanced yet user friendly fleet vehicle camera systems available. Since 1993, we’ve been helping businesses like yours save money and lives. Business doesn’t get more important than that.”

Bruce Smith, President and CEO

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Our Mission

To deliver superior and innovative mobile surveillance solutions that vehicle fleets depend on, provide lasting value that benefits the customer, and instill pride in the Visionaries that service them.

Our Vision

To become the premier vendor in the mobile surveillance industry, by bringing technological innovation, value, and safety to vehicle fleets worldwide.

Key Industries

Since 1993, we have sold over a billion dollars in mobile surveillance products to a wide variety of industries. These include mass transit, law enforcement, student transportation, commercial vehicles, and more in both public and private sectors. While the purpose for purchasing our products vary between each industry, the decision to choose Safety Vision as your vendor remains the same: we deliver on our promise to accommodate your transportation difficulties with user- and budget-friendly remedies.

Your Visionaries

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, our personnel of over 100 employees is highly driven and knowledgeable. All of our departments are hands-on and passionate about advancing our solutions to ensure we produce top-quality products. Our 40,000 sq. foot building is equipped with an expansive warehouse that houses over $15 million dollars of inventory. Our Visionaries are dedicated to working hard and find reward in our day-to-day operations. With over a dozen nationwide satellite offices and 6 international locations, we are quickly expanding our business to provide solutions worldwide. Read the article here.

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