Wireless Kit

Part No: SV-CLED70WL-2C

Type: Wireless Collision Avoidance Kit

7-inch wide viewing monitor

110° field of view


The new SV-CLED70WL-2C introduces innovation that produces real benefits in vision enhancement. The monitor mounted in the cabin communicates wirelessly with a camera mounted on the rear of the vehicle or a trailer, greatly simplifying installation and eliminating 5th wheel equipment, pigtails and extension cables. Over 500 feet of transmission distance ensures a solid wireless connection for clear images. The SV-CLED70WL-2C provides all of the benefits of Safety Vision’s renowned cameras and monitors, now with even more flexibility.


  • Wide 7-inch viewing area
  • Rated IP68 for protection against dust and liquid
  • Supports and optional second (wired) camera connection
  • 510 x 492 resolution
  • 110 field of view
  • 20 infrared (IR) illuminators for clear images in low light

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