• in-car system
  • in-car system



Type: Hybrid Video Recorder

Cameras Supported: 4 HD + 2 Body Cameras

Storage: 1 x 128 GB SD Card (256 GB max)

Resolution: 1080p (max)


The ICOP PRO HD features total integration and synchronization with Safety Vision’s Prima Elite body worn camera. The portability and vantage points of a body camera, in conjunction with the unique information an in-car video system collects, helps capture the whole truth. The ICOP PRO HD recorder includes the ability to utilize 4 HD cameras with an additional 2 body cameras, providing great video evidence from multiple points of view. The ICOP PRO HD in-car video system offers crystal clear accuracy for quality that matters. It comes equipped with a touch screen monitor, HD windshield zoom camera and HD backseat camera for a complete law enforcement vehicle solution.


  • Body Camera Integration
  • HD Video Recording
  • 4 HD Channels + 2 Body Camera Channels
  • Primary Storage: 1 x 128 GB SD Card (256 GB max) OR 1 TB SSD
  • Dual SD Card Cannister - Mirror Recording Optional on Secondary SD Card
  • 8 Customizable Sensor Inputs
  • Integrated GPS
  • Built-in G-force Sensor
  • WIFI and Cell Networking
  • MIL-STD-810 Certified

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