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  • Driver Cabin camera
  • Driver Cabin Camera

DualCam FHD


Type: Interior HD Dual Camera

Audio: Built-in Microphone (Cabin Camera)

Infrared Illuminators: 9 (Cabin Camera)

Design: Windshield/Cabin


The DualCam FHD features a 2-in-1 interior camera combination, built into a single mount. A forward-facing windshield camera captures the road ahead, while a cabin camera equipped with IRs for low light recording captures the driver/passenger area and includes a built-in microphone. Each camera is individually adjustable and produces 1080p high-definition resolution images. The DualCam FHD is designed with a single cable that splits into two separate camera outputs, providing a much cleaner and simpler installation.


  • 1080p HD picture quality
  • True Wide Dynamic Range
  • Threaded collar connectors
  • Compact housing with single camera mount and cable

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