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Backup Sensors

Part No: SV-CB126 (bracket mount)

Part No: SV-CB126-FLUSH (flush mount)


Safety Vision's CB126 Series Backup Sensors enhance the functionality of a standard rear vision camera and monitor system by providing on-screen visual as well as audio indicators of obstructions approaching the rear of the vehicle. The CB126's are automatic – the driver never forgets to turn them on – increasing safety and integrating seamlessly into normal vehicle operation. The CB126's are available in a bracket mount, often used when sensors are suspended beneath a vehicle's bumper. Or, a "flush" mounted sensor option is available. The CB126-FLUSH allows customers to cleanly embed the sensors directly within a vehicle's bumper. 

When the CB126 Backup Sensor detects an object, it provides feedback displayed on a Safety Vision collision avoidance monitor. An audio tone also sounds, alerting the driver even if he is not looking at the monitor. Once installed, the CB126's can be calibrated to account for a variety of different objects attached to the rear of the vehicle, such as spare tires, tow hooks, trailer hitches, and other equipment. Both the sensitivity of the sensors and the volume of the audio tone can be adjusted for a completely custom installation. 



  • Visual and audible alerts
  • Bracket or flush mounting options
  • Up to 7.9 feet of distance detection
  • IP68 rating ensures protection from dust and liquid
  • Enhance the functionality of a standard collision avoidance system

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