Part No: SV-LCD43M-KIT

Size: 4.3 inches

Supported Cameras: 2

Control Box: Integrated

Display Resolution: 480x272


The 43M Mirror Monitor offers a unique collision avoidance solution by integrating a 4.3-inch monitor inside a typical rearview mirror. This innovative arrangement saves space in otherwise cramped vehicle interiors as well as increases safety by placing the rearview image where most drivers look by instinct. The LCD screen turns on and appears automatically when the vehicle is placed in reverse while an anti-glare surface ensures a clear view. Ensuring clear visibility at all times, the 43M can also be used as a normal rearview mirror (LCD screen turned off) during general vehicle operation.


  • Two camera inputs with switchable camera views
  • Parking distance grid lines help guide backing maneuvers
  • Integrated control box ensures clean and easy installation
  • Up to two sensors automatically trigger the display of alternative camera views

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