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Safety Vision Monitors on MetroBus Vehicles

Safety Vision knows that passengers need to be protected while riding on city buses. Our Awareness Monitors can be placed anywhere on the bus for passengers to see camera views from the bus. MetroBus vehicles in St. Louis, MO have started to implement our monitors inside of the vehicle for...

BUSRide May 2018: Safety Vision Securing Services for Utah Transit Authority

We are happy to annouce that Utah Transit Authority (UTA) is using our products to expand surviellance capabilities on their entire fleet.

Lamount Worthy, Video Security Administrator, stated, “Working with Safety Vision has been positive largely because of the relationship’s flexibility...

SMARTPaper: Police Evidence in HD

We partnered with SMARTpaper to give you a whitepaper that goes in depth of why police evidence should be in quality HD. We want to educate police officers to invest in body cameras and in-car systems that playback with features they can view with any ambiguity.


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We Are Hiring: Wireless Network Engineer

We are in search of a Wireless Network Engineer to join our Product Development team. If you are interested, please send your resumes to