Grants and Funding for Pupil Transportation

For School Bus Camera Systems

Safety Vision offers FREE grant assistance services for school bus camera projects via EducationGrantsHelp (we are the product experts, they are the grant experts). This includes FREE grant research, consulting and grant application reviews. If you choose to write the grant application yourself, EducationGrantsHelp will review your grant application for FREE to ensure that a strong case for needing the money has been made. If you choose to have an expert from EducationGrantsHelp write your application, the cost to you will be reduced - in light of the fact that Safety Vision is your sponsor. If you are awarded the grant, always remember - Safety Vision cares for you, please request us!

The first step in seeking assistance is to contact EducationGrantsHelp by clicking on the Grant Assistance Form link below, or by submitting your contact information below. Please remember to identify the products you are seeking when completing the form - school bus camera systems. EducationGrantsHelp will then be notified of your grant request, and a grant professional will be in touch with you within 72 hours with a list of available opportunities.

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By filling out this form and submitting my information, I understand that I may be contacted by a manufacturer regarding my department’s equipment needs. I also understand that this is a request for help locating funding and not a grant application.