With an Open Platform solution, your city can move towards integrating a smart-city environment by unifying First Responder surveillance city-wide. Open Platform solutions offer the ability to host video from multiple agencies' locations and vehicles all around the city, in one, easily accessible place. If chosen to do so, shared video from police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks can all be conveniently stored and managed on one open platform. These technological advances have opened the door to better First Responder communication and more efficient problem solving during emergencies. Use shared video between Law Enforcement agencies, EMS agencies, and fire departments to determine the severity of a scene before arrival, or track and locate a suspect throughout the city. Unifying security cameras throughout your city saves you time and money with the right information, becoming the smarter long-term solution for agencies worldwide. Ask your city officials about implementing a smart-city solution for the future of your community's safety.

What If?

In a scenario where first responders are called to an on-campus emergency scene, school administrators are now able to share access to video from the building and school bus to better inform first responders of the situation. This gives Law Enforcement, firefighters and EMS time to communicate and formulate a cohesive plan for an effective emergency response. When gunshot detection is triggered, characteristic filters can be set to hone in on the area in question and locate a suspect. Filters such as object size, direction, speed, clothing colors, time, etc. are quickly provided through video analytics. Video that used to take hours, or days to review can now be reviewed in seconds for a speedier response time. This type of security expansion gives first responders limitless coverage and quicker solutions than ever before.

Key Features and Benefits

  • GPS Tracking
  • Onboard monitoring with Live-Lookin
  • Live system health reports
  • Geofences
  • Real-time email alerts
  • Flag events with panic button for easy retrieval

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