Safety Vision Cloud Service

Safety Vision’s Cloud Services is our subscription-based solution for managing and hosting your data. We alleviate your need to devote time and money to administer and develop your data assets, which reduces your IT costs and overhead.  Our team will migrate your infrastructure to the cloud, ensuring your operations are not impacted. The cloud environment requires no software installation and automatically configures to your systems; proving that we are engineered to your operations. Get on the cloud today!

The Basics: Flexible and Protected Storage

We are scalable: You can retain and protect any amount of data. If you want to save event-based videos or complete archives; we will adjust your environment to fit your needs.

We are accessible: Our services are rated 11 9's uptime (99.9999999%). That means your data is available when you want it. 

We are secure: We are compliant to your security standards and enforce secure authentications that are catered to your business' best practices. 

We are reliable: Your data is stored across multiple systems. Even if a natural disaster strikes, your videos are there when you need them. There's no need to worry about file corruption, damage, or loss.


The Advanced: Computer Vision

Machine Learning (ML): The system is built to acquire knowledge about your data. This ranges anywhere from the number of riders on various bus routes to unidentified objects left on vehicles. In short, the system learns your data and looks for patterns that are catered to your business. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI): The system takes these analytics and sends you alerts via email, text, or marked video footage - removing the need for employees to watch the recorded videos for patterns and decreasing risk for human error.

Computer Vision: These techniques come together to form computer vision, which is the ability for a computer to "see" your videos - empowering you to maximize your operational efficiency and improve response times in critical incidents. 

How would computer vision benefit your business? Including this allows you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your operations and accelerate your efficiency. Some of our cloud AI capabilities include: route management, immediate alerts, people counting, wide-scale recognition, and driver scoring.